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    History[ edit ] One of the runestones next to the church Although Angarn Church probably dates from the s, it lies in a cultural landscape with a much older history.

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    Petroglyphs from the Bronze Ageas well as several significantly later runestones testify to the old traditions of the place. The church was built on a hill next to an inlet of the Baltic Sea which has subsequently disappeared as a consequence of post-glacial rebound and thus was strategically located, easy to reach by boat.

    Of the runestones on the church grounds, one U in Rundata was possibly made by the only known female runemasterFrögärd i Ösby. Architecture[ edit ] The exterior of the church is plain, whitewashed fieldstonewith a few details in brick.

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    Much of the rest of the interior of the church is also characterised by the architectural ideals of the late 18th century. The pulpit and altar are both from the late 18th century; the neoclassical pulpit was carved by the royal ornament sculptor Petter Ljung and the pews are imitations of 18th century pews made in the s.

    Among the rarest objects belonging to the church is a chasubledating from the 16th century.

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    The organ was set up in the church inbut is probably built around vallentuna dating sweden year