Cyklar säljes i Kista, Hässelby, Vällingby, Spånga

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The main idea was to imitate the variety and animation of city life in newly created large scale suburb towns. Vällingby was the first prototype ABC city designed in Stockholm in the s and inaugurated in This new idea marked the end of the Garden City era in Stockholm. The ABC single i vällingby gave way to the decentralization of the historical Stockholm city center with the creation of lugnås dating site number of decentralized satellite towns connected to the core city with a newly planned metro network.

New towns were distributed in several neighborhoods, the center of each one of them being located on the metropolitan transport network in a high-density suburb single i vällingby Although downtown Stockholm remains healthy economically and continues its own pioneering redevelopment, the city as a whole has become poly-centered, relieving population pressure on the inner city and bringing the advantages of urban living to residents situated quite far from it.

Cyklar säljes i Kista, Hässelby, Vällingby, Spånga

The Vällingby prototype Vällingby was designed as a linear suburban district in Västerort, in the west of Stockholm. The plans provided work, shopping and service facilities for them and a surrounding population of 60, people. The central neighborhood of Vällingby ABC city, constructed around the metro station Rail was a central element of the city design.

Vällingby was a metropolitan district linked by the underground transport system.

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The suburb was built in several centers around 5 stops at the end of the subway line west from central Stockholm. Between subway stops in many places the parkland closed right in around the track before opening up again for an area of concentrated development at the next stop. The result was a modern town center for the 5, to 20, people living within walking distance of it.

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The fist stop Blackeber was in an single i vällingby of single-family houses and narrow three-story walk-up buildings B city. The next stop Racksta is in a collection of massive office and apartment towers facing A city. The third stop Vällingby is in a huge shopping, social and office center on a spacious concrete deck over the subway tracks C city.

In the next wooded buffer area that the subway enters, there is an extra stop for another cluster of factories built in amongst the trees A city. The fourth stop Hasselby Gard is in big and little apartment buildings on hilly wooden terrain; and finally Hasselby Strandthe subway reaches on a cluster of especially attractive lamellas winding through the trees down a hillside to the shore of the lake B cities.

Vällingby was organized in 5 neighborhoods around 5 metro stations Above the Vällingby central subway station there is a spacious pedestrian mall covered with colored concrete blocks single i vällingby large circles that are filled with decorative pools and fountains.

The huge commercial and social center contains lots of services that would need somebody shops, offices, single i vällingby, cinema, department a community meeting hall, library, dancing school, medical center, police station, youth recreation center, bus terminal….

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There is a parking garage and pedestrians single i vällingby reach the center from all directions on separate footpaths, underpasses and bridges without crossing auto streets. Road traffic is fully segregated. Pedestrian mall above the Vällingby subway station Inthe Vällingby area contained housing for about 60, people and employment for 9, in both non-polluting factories and firms like IBM and Phillips and in offices and stores of the centers.

After 35 yearsthere are Most of the housing in Vällingby was public. Vällingby remains one of the most popular suburbs of Stockholm with a cultural significance unsurpassed by later suburbs built in the s and s.

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In a plan to renovate the center of Vällingby was finally accepted to keep the area attractive to population, 50 year after its original conception. The plan included amongst others the refurbishment of run-down housing units, the construction of new ones, the single i vällingby of the pedestrian areas pavements, lightning, furniturethe introduction of sustainability measures e.

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The major redevelopment of the centre was finished and inaugurated officially in April Vällingby - the most exiting suburb of Stockholm, Sweden.